Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

They're here alright. The heat, the sun, the lazing about by the pool, the bugs (Let's just forget about them, shall we?), the long afternoons of doing absolutely nothing, the insane vacations to overcrowded destinations. How could we Americans ever get along without summer? True, it's not my favorite season, but when April comes around I just can't wait to break out the sunscreen and taste a grilled hamburger. My summer so far has been pretty jam packed. Here are but a few moments from the past few weeks:

The pool is where my eleven-year-old sister, Katie (left), has spent most of her waking hours this summer. Our cousin Jewel (right) is an equally avid fan.

Ah, the classic congo line. Here we have, in order: my brother Thomas, my cousin Aurora, Jewel, Katie, and my sisters, Alicia and Julia. This was taken at my cousin's birthday party last Monday. We had a great time swimming and dancing to authentic Hawaiian music.
And, finally, here is a picture of my church's Vacation Bible School set. We worked long and hard on it. The program we're using this summer is Answers in Genesis' Incrediworld Amusement Park: A Thrill Ride Through God's Creation. VBS starts tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Brief Introduction

Greetings, blog readers. As you probably already know my name is Carlina and this is my lovely new blog. Well, technically, it isn't new. I've had this blog for quite a while, but was never able to keep it going for very long. Now, however, with a new camera and plenty of unusual stories to tell, I'm ready to try blogging once more. With that out of the way, I suppose the first thing to do is introduce myself a little bit more. First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus and a recently graduated homeschooler who resides in rural Iowa with my large family on a farm... of sorts. I enjoy writing, reading, drawing, animated films, and animals so you'll be seeing a lot of all that stuff here on this blog. I can't wait to start!